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Specifications and options

Specifications and options -

Each of our gazebos is carefully built indoors in a controlled environment. Each manufacturing step follows a pre-determined criterion guaranteeing product uniformity.

Customise your gazebo with our various options

Options Price
Mosquito net kit for all the sliding windows of your gazebo. 189 $
Add simple door  149 $
Add double doors 279 $
Upgrade double doors (to change your included simple door for double doors) 149 $
Roof all in metal sheets (without skylight) 0 $ 
Option other color of metal sheets Select colors  125 $
Change style of panels Extra for Verriere model
Odd dimensions  On request
Stain option Price on request depending on model/size

Full paneling panels (no window), often used to maximise privacy of the gazebo or if you are planning to add shelves or lean a tall cabineton on it for example.

Lounge walls (vertical windows) are designed to maximise the outside view. Its  48' windows starts at 28' from the ground making you comfortably feeling like if you were outside even when you are sitting inside. On each 4' wall panel you have one fixed window and one sliding window.

Persienne wall (with swivel system) mainly used to increase intimity on open gazebos or added on the opened part of a Garden Pavilion. Not used on closed gazebo

Single window wall (one horizontal sliding window on each panel) is a special type of wall we offer to maximise intimity in keeping some light.

Verriere panels (horizontal windows) are very popular for the amount of light and style they can bring to your gazebos. On each wall panel the middle window slide up.

Standard panels (vertical windows) is similar to the Lounge wall except that its windows start at 36' from the ground. The Standard wall can be integrated to any of our gazebos.

Our specifications

  • The roof structure is made of lumber that complies with the CSA standard according to the national building code (CNB 2005) and can support a minimum of 80 lbs/square foot.

  • All panels and corners are made of white pine, which is by far the strongest wood for this use due to its long-term performance with stains and stability over time. The paneling used is 5/8'' thick.

  • Our products are delivered 'natural wood & ready to stain' so no further preparation is required before applying the stain.

  • The windows as well as the doors are sliding and you can choose on which side(s) you want your door(s). All our windows are made of tinted polymer (UV treated) which is an extensible and ultra resistant material.

  • Our regular roofs have the 4 slopes in dark brown 28G sheets with a central skylight in tinted polycarbonate double walls (UV treated).

  • Our dimensions are 'wall to wall to exterior floor' so you will need a floor of at least the same dimension (not included). The roof sheets exceed approx. 4'' on each side of the slopes for water drainage.

  • All of our wall/door/corner panels are pre-made and the roof pieces pre-cut so the installation work is mainly assembly and screw.

  • Some cities require a permit to install our products, it is your responsability to check with yours and obtain it if needed.

  • Our production time depends on our orders book and therefore varies according to the seasons.

  • Obviously we guarantee that you will receive all the required parts and without manufacturing defects. Polymer and polycarbonate are guaranteed for 10 years on a pro rata basis while sheet metal is guaranteed for 15 years on a pro rata basis.

  • Deposit needed only with stain option.


For your special projects we can custom manufacture all these styles of panels, for full details visit our website or contact us.

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